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Mission Statement

Here at Apputec our main focus is developing fantastic start to finish digital products, having a high emphasis on; Mobile App development, web design/ development, and marketing/ branding services. Our Mission is simple, to save our customers TIME & MONEY as a result of working with us. As sourcing the professional network you need to launch a successful business or product is not only difficult, its EXTREMELY time consuming & if you’re not talking & aligning with the right people you very well may be setting yourself up for failure from the start!


If you have a start up business or you’ve been eager to move forward on your million-dollar idea, chances are you have a full time job as well or other constraints that are hindering your progress.  Let Apputec greatly accelerate the time it takes your idea to get to market! And ultimately be successful! While you can have the luxury of focusing more on your current situation.


If you’ve been pondering on your new exciting venture, you’ve probably asked yourself things like….

  • Who is going to do my branding?

  • Should I get some market research done to validate the opportunity?

  • Do I have the right strategic plan in place to take my business to market?

  • If your idea or business relies heavily upon a Mobile App or web based platform, which is one of Apputec’s specialties, who do you choose for development? Do you outsource overseas? Or do you stay local? How do you validate not only the thousands of development companies?

But also the thousands of freelancers who are rapidly flooding many industries? All in which say they are the person for the job! Lets also not forget the crazy fluctuation in pricing from developer to developer? Or Freelancer to freelancer… who can you trust with your hard earned money to do the job right?

Apputec provides you with a TURN KEY service to overcome questions like these amongst many others! We have the local relationships & the extensive network to be facilitating not only the right conversations but arrangements to turn your business idea into a reality.

If you have an existing business, we understand bridges get burned and existing partnerships may no longer be meeting your needs or expectations. Our methods still remain the same, let us save you TIME & MONEY by putting you in front of only qualified solution providers that meet your needs and budgets, to resolve your miscues to get your business back on track! Learn more about the abundance of services we provide below, and give us a shout to find out the unique ways we help our clients.


Apputec’s head office is located in Oakville Ontario, however we proudly service clients from across the GTA including; Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Burlington, Hamilton, The Niagara Region & Beyond internationally!


Mobile App development:

Apputec builds end-to-end mobile applications for both iOS & Android platforms. Apputec helps businesses build the applications they need to compete, modernize, & flourish! Take full advantage of our product tactics including; Primary research, product roadmaps, and growth strategies.


Our design team goes beyond simply solving a problem, by critically thinking what really is not only possible but practicable for your customers experience. Taking into careful consideration things like; Product Design, UX research & Service design. Our top level tech associates are well versed in a variety of tech stacks! Apputec has the know how to plan, design and build any type of mobile application and we do it locally the right way here in the GTA.


Swift Software Engineering:


  • Custom modern software Development, to meet your businesses unique challenges and needs.

  • API’s & integration

  • Platform Architecture

Company or Product Branding & Marketing:


Here at Apputec take advantage of our fantastic; Graphic designers, illustrators, and copywriters that have a proven track record developing amazing work that will capture your target audiences attention.  Not only can Apputec bring ideas to life digitally we also can bring them to life via print. There is nothing we can't do! Everything from; Business signage, window graphics for storefronts, custom decals, trade show print displays, custom apparel & everything in between!


Our team also includes some of the GTA's finest; Web designers, marketers, content developers, & video/film producers to create a unique modern captivating website for your business. Utilize our amazing resources for your social media campaigns which are becoming more and more valuable in the modern era and much more!

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