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Do you have an amazing App Idea, but have no clue where to even start?!

Search, Save, Skate!

Apputec created the app that makes it quick and easy to search & purchase available ice time!  Now available on both IOS and Android! 


Are you Struggling to make sense of the crazy fluctuations in developer quotes?

When it comes to pricing in the Mobile development industry its like the wild west! When Apputec founder started out in the space 10 years ago he was receiving quotes for his booking application from 8 thousand on the low end to 500 thousand on the high end! And every number in between.

He asked questions like; Who is being honest? How can a quote for the exact same thing differ so drastically? Do I go with the cheapest quote? Or maybe the Middle priced quote? Could the 6 figure quote actually be the most valid?

With having no mobile development or software experience its almost impossible to validate who the best company for the job is or to distinguish at what price point your application should cost to build.

Here at Apputec Our founders were once in the exact same position you may find yourself in right now. In fact, this is one of the main reasons the company was created to help inspiring new or existing entrepreneurs take their mobile idea to life, and to save them the hardships of investing in this space for the first time.

How do I know if I can trust a company

You can trust your development process will be fairly priced and most of all completed to your teams expectations. Why?
  • Apputec has the ability unmatched in the industry, we have the unmatched unique network that allows us to hand pick only the BEST top LOCAL graduate student developers who have the skill sets to develop your application that would cost you tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars more going to a top development firm.
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  • Our founders have decades of experience managing and developing mobile applications

  • Feel the sense of security knowing your application will be overseen by a reputable professor of mobile development


  • We know this from experience… This is why the founder of Apputec created the company, as he was once in your shoes. Having to go with 4 developing companies to get his application off the ground which took years and tens of thousands of dollars wasted.

  • Learn from our valuable upbringing, learn the do’s and do’nts without having to learn the hard lessons we had to go through starting out hiring development companies.

  • Save time, resources, and money! As a result of working with us.


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How do I know if I can trust this company


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Our founders have decades of experience managing and developing mobile applications



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How It Works

Minimum Viable Product

If you are looking to develop an (MVP), we will explain the steps involved in determining what a viable version one of your mobile product entails. Each step is explained in detail, with an editable template that will allow you to create your own plan for an MVP.

What's included in your MVP Consult?

  • An outline for identifying and documenting the product's business goals and Prompts to identify product opportunities

  • A step-by-step guide to adding user value and solving customer pain points

  • A section to breakdown feature requirements and create feature statements

A feature prioritization matrix to help you start building a product roadmap



What is an MVP?

A mobile app MVP is a minimal and usable form of your complete product to release and test in the app market. The MVP development method allows your team to learn how the product’s target users experience and respond to the app’s core business purpose.


Using the insight and learnings from real users, you can allocate your time, effort and budget to areas that best satisfy your overall business objectives. Building an MVP is an iterative process designed to identify user pain points and determine the proper functionality to address those needs over time. 

What are some of the benefits?

Raise capital with a functioning prototype, and ‘wow’ your audience! Offer your potential investors more than just a power point presentation. 

Gather application feature and design feedback. This is your best bet to obtain stakeholder or investor buy-in

Verify market demand and develop revenue strategy

What's included in your App Proposal Strategy?

Our Work
  • An outline of the information vendors will need to create proposals​

  • Approximate price ranges to help define budget constraints​

  • Technical considerations required for scoping your project​

  • All the elements required to get the best proposals for your next mobile project​

  • Agency overview section to be completed by vendors​

  • Detailed proposal section to be completed by vendors​


What's included in your App Proposal Strategy?

What are the benefits?

 A mobile app proposal Strategy (APS) is broadly excepted to be developed and analyzed when it comes to mobile development. Exploring and engaging to find suitable development companies is extremely time-consuming.

Choosing a company to engage with your development is even more difficult. Apputec’s APS will make this decision for you much more clear saving you dozens of hours in research and interviews.

Our APS will allow you to justify your proposed features price tags, and more importantly provide you with a very to the point overview of potential other costs you could endure in the market place. By providing potential customers to review relevant development price comparisons both domestic and abroad.

The Benefits!

  • Understand the scope and difficulty of your project​, and what potential ramifications this could have in regards to development costs. (We put everything on the table).

  • We will advise you what is feasible to complete based on the scope and budget you have allocated. And will always be upfront and fair with what we deem could run over budget this is the Apputec way.​

  • Minimize uncertainty about requirements and feature implementation

  • Minimize budget over runs

  • Provide accurate development ​completion date based on scope and budget allocation

  • We also have the ability to obtain additional project quotes and qualify other vendor estimations.

  • Provide the client with a statement of work for the project

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APP Necessities Analysis

The ultimate goal of creating a App Necessities document is to create a clear understanding of what is needed for a successful product. In this document you will find information on items such as; The user flow, business and technical requirements, needs, limitations, assumptions, and submission assets. This ANA document will provide you with an even more thorough understanding of what will be required to get your application ready for commercialization use.

What you will receive in the ‘ANA’ document:

  • Establish product and business requirements

  • Mobile App Objective(s)

  • revenue Model

  • Feature Ranking

  • Technical Necessities

  • Dependencies, constraints, and assumptions

  • The App Store and Google Play Store submission requirements

  • Maintenance requirements, and more

What is an ANA?

A ‘ANA’ will provide you insight on your products business strategy and the proposed applications feature feasibility. We will assist you and your team with providing the feature requirements on paper.


Including any necessary and available technologies; required maintenance and support; backend systems integration; scalability and future-proofing; third-party software dependencies; and other considerations. There is a long list of business and technical specifications that require devoted attention.

Ultimately the ANA will assist in calculating your applications success for each feature requirement including how they will coincide with one another.

What are the benefits?

  • Establish application feasibility

  • Provide feedback to assist with making clever product decisions

  • Assist with protecting your project from risks

  • Plan for and support change management

  • Create the foundations for your long-term strategy

Existing App Performance Assessment

Our mobile app performance assessment assessment provides our clients with an easy read report of our assessment of your existing application. Ultimately providing you feedback on how your application was built and the effectiveness of your app’s features. With recommended next steps, this assessment consult will provide you with a guide or hand book where you can make effective educated decisions on your future development.

AppStoreSearch copy.jpg

What's included in your mobile app assessment? (AMMAR CAN EXPAND ON THIS).

  • A detailed breakdown of KPIs to assess your mobile app that includes; user acquisition, user retention, user experience, revenue impact, and technical performance

  • A graded scale to help you visualize how well your app is performing

  • Individualized recommendations on next steps and areas for improvement based on your score

  • Detailed formula breakdowns to help you calculate your ROI metrics, including; user acquisition costs, app churn rate, app referral value, and user lifetime value

  • Access to additional resources that will help grow your knowledge of concepts introduced in our recommendations

AppStoreSearch copy.jpg
AppStoreSearch copy.jpg

Why is conducting a mobile app assessment important?

To drive real business value, enterprises need to continuously analyze their app’s business impact and technical performance to rethink how they connect with consumers and evolve their app to meet shifting user needs.


Assessing your app against our mobile app evaluation criteria will help you identify those areas of opportunity where you can make small incremental improvements. This will ensure you are continuing to meet your users’ expectations, meet business goals, and set your digital experience apart from your competition.

AppStoreSearch copy.jpg

How does it work?

To get the most significant value out of our mobile app assessment tool, we recommend you either know or have access to your app’s performance metrics. These can include: the number of downloads, active users, app session length, and server/API performance. Having access to this information will help you answer questions through the assessment.

  • There are five sections in this evaluation: user acquisition, user retention, user retention, revenue impact, mobile app performance and user experience

  • Following each question, you will receive points based on your answer

  • After each section, you will add up the points to receive a "score"

  • You can then match up your score with our predefined score ranges to see how you can improve your app.

How Can We Help? Common Questions answered when taking your first steps as an APP entrepreneur.

It can be overwhelming to hire and source sometimes the dozens of contacts needed in order to launch your mobile application successfully.


If you’ve been pondering on your new exciting venture, you have probably asked yourself questions like;

  • Who do you choose for development?

There are so many options, both local and offshore that this process without going to Apputec is sure to make your head spin!

  • Do you outsource oversees or do you stay local?

    • In the vast majority of scenarios, we would recommend to hire a local development company.

    • Why? You will not be protected by the laws and regulations of Ontario in the event of a dispute arises, Language barriers, Time zone differences which can make communicating much more time consuming… just to name a few!

  • How do you validate not only the thousands of development companies? But also the thousands of freelancers that are rapidly flooding many industries? All in which say they are the person for the job.

    • Well we can tell you this is not easy. Even if the company you choose to hire has an impressive portfolio, does not mean the individuals assigned to your project were the ones who completed that work.

    • Be weary of large development firms that will stick you with a large price tag

  • Lets not also forget the insane fluctuations of pricing/ quotes from developer to developer or freelancer to freelancer.

    • Lets not also forget the insane fluctuations of pricing/ quotes from developer to developer or freelancer to freelancer.

  • Who can you trust with your hard earned money to do the job right?


The Apputec Process

View our video above, and learn more on how we can help today!

Ice Now, Is a simple and convenient mobile application that is live on both the App Store & Google Play. It allows facilities and individuals to connect, search and book available ice time or shooting pads based on location, time and date.

Project Build
Kristen Cacciotti

Project Build offers you with a stress free solution. From securing all building requirements, project management and decor design, we make building or renovating your dream project easy.

Our local award winning GTA real estate agent, at Royal LePage! Servicing; 

Stoney Creek, Oakville, Mineola, Mississauga, Milton, Halton Hills, Hamilton, Grimsby, Georgetown, Flamborough, Dundas, Burlington, & Toronto! E-Mail her today 


Why Apputec?

  • Sourcing the network needed to launch a successful application is not only difficult it is extremely time consuming, and if you are not talking to the right people you may be setting yourself up for failure from the start!

  • If you have been eager to move forward on your million dollar app idea, chances are you have a full time job and other constraints that are hindering your progress. Let Apputec GREATLY ACCELERATE the time it will take your idea get to market, and ultimately be successful.

If you have an existing application but are not happy on its performance, we understand bridges get burned and existing partnerships may no longer be meeting your needs or expectations. Our methods still remain the same, let us save you time and money by only putting you in front of ONLY qualified solution providers that meet your needs and budgets. To resolve your misques to get your app back on track!

Cotact Us Today!

Kristen Cacciotti

Sales Representative Royal LePage Real Estate

Looking to re-brand myself and build a website, I knew I could turn to Anthony to help bring my vision to fruition. Anthony and Apputec aligned me with the appropriate individuals that could understand my vision and were able to design, create, and fulfill my marketing goals. My expectations were blown away with the work created! Being in sales, I can appreciate hard work, and following up to make sure my clients needs are being met and Anthony did exactly that. Anthony is diligent, hard working and made sure I was pleased with the work being done, throughout the whole project. I will continue to use and highly recommend Apputec for all of your branding, marketing and web design needs :)

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